6-7 Days In Simien

1-Day one
We will meet you in the morning at Gonder Airport or your hotel in Gonder. Drive to the first camp(Sankaber) via Debark (the small town) you will be rewarded with very impressive views of the low land areas to the north and west. You will most certainly encounter troops of the endemic gelada baboons. The gelada baboon, only found in Ethiopia, is often referred to as the bleeding heart baboon or the lion monkey because their coat is shaggy resembling a lion, whilst their chest has a marked red heart or patch. The gelada baboon can be found in good numbers and is quite easy to approach. Sankaber camp is situated at an altitude of 3250 meters on an impressive view point between the northern escarpment and the southern wazla. Before you arrive the camp you have about 2hrs walk.
2- Day Two
From Sankaber Camp the path to Geech (3600masl) Camp will stretch for approximately ten kilometers (5-6hrs). The initial stages of this path lead through extensive areas of highland grasslands and heather forests. This path offers some of the most impressive views of the escarpment. One of the best views is of the Jinbar Wenz waterfall which plummets down the Geech Abyss. After descending down to the Jinbar Wenz River a short ascent remains to Geech village. In this area, cultivation is done in a two-year cycle. One side of the valley is planted whilst the other side lies fallow. You will notice extensive soil erosion in this area as a result of the combination of such factors as slope steepness, cultivation, overgrazing, erosive rainfall and limited land resources. We pause in Geech village as we are invited into one of the local houses for a coffee ceremony. Here you will participate in this very important social tradition of Ethiopia as well as gain an insight into the traditional lifestyle. Just above Geech village is the campsite which will serve as your base for two nights. The campsite has great views of the mountains and is characterized by giant Lobelia plants. These plants can grow up to 10 meters in height and may live for as long as twenty years, at which point they first flower before dying.
3- Day 03
Walk from Geech to the three stunning places namely Imet Gogo, Saha, and Kedadit and then walk back to Geech camp, overnight there.
4- Day 04
Walk from Geech to Chenek via Imet gogo.If you are lucky you might see the Ethiopian wolf. Time taken to complete this hike is about 7-8hrs and then over night here atChenek (3620masl).
5- Day 05
Walk from Chenek to Bwahit Mt which is the second highest peak in the Simien Mountains (4430masl). It is about five-six hours trekking from the camp till the peak and back to the campsite again and sleep the second night at Chenek camp.
6- Day 06
Walk from Chneck to the first camp site called Sankaber, on the way you could see the amazing village which is built on the cliff face, it takes about five to six hours to get to Sankaber. Overnight at Sankaber camp site.
7- Day 07
The car will be there and drive us to Gonder via Debark about four hours driving.