10 Days Ethiopia tour

1-Day one
- City tour of Addis Abeba after breakfast we will spend the day on a site-seeing tour of Addis Ababa. We will visit the National Museum which houses some of the Ethiopias historic treasures, were the oldest hominid ever found in the world is kept, known as Lucy or Dinkinesh. We will continue to the ethnographic museum. We will also visit the Holy Trinity Church, the main cathedral and the resting place to the remains of Emperor Haile Selassie. Finally we will visit the largest open market in Africa, Merkato.
2- Day Two
AA to Bahairdar & city tour of Bahir dar Today we will take a flight to Bahar dar. From the air we can gaze across the remarkable nature of the Ethiopian Plateau. After breakfast we will take excursion by boat on Lake Tana to visit some of the monasteries known for their religious scenes and an impressive display of illuminated bibles written in Ge'ez. The afternoon is dedicated for City tour Of Bahir dar, walk at the edge of Lake Tana, the source of 80% Of Blue Nile, to enjoy the remarkable birdlife in the area.
3- Day 03
Bahir dar Tis Abay- Bahirdar,64KM After Breakfast we travel to the Blue Nile falls located about thirty kilometers from Lake Tana. We then take a gentle walk from Tisa Abay town, named after the water smoke that comes out of the fall, for around two hours round trip. From here we head back to the river for a short boat ride to meet the vehicle.
4- Day 04
- Bahir dar to Gondar, 180KM Today after Breakfast we drive further north to Gondar, the former capital of Ethiopia. It was Emperor Fasiledes who turned a new page in Ethiopian history by erecting around 1640 a three story castle rested on 70,000 Sq.m compound and fitted with numerous chambers and imposing balconies. After lunch the castles will be the main site for the tour followed by the famous Debre Berhan selasie church known for its extraordinary angelic ceiling, and then the bathhouse of Fasilides at which thousands of Ethiopians celebrate Timkat festival every January.
5- Day 05
- Gondar to Simein Mountains Via Debark, 130KM Today after early breakfast we drive to Simien Mountains via Debark. The road condition has improved considerably. In the late morning we drive up into the mountains for some spectacular views of this exceptional ecosystem. Simien Mountains National Park is UNESCO listed natural attraction for its magnificent mountain scenery and precious endemic wild life. We will be able to see a large group, Chelada baboon before returning to Debark.
6- Day 06
- Debark to Axum, after early breakfast with a lunch box Continue on the rough road for a full day's drive to the renowned city of Axum via the lowlands of the Simien Mountains and Tekeze River gorge. It is the longest drive in the trip with incredible views all the way. We arrive in the late afternoon.
7- Day 07
- City tour of Axum, Axum was the seat of the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Axum, around 1000 B.C. the Queen of Sheba reigned, the great Axumite Civilization emerged and the seed of Christianity in Ethiopia laid. The Axumite Empires greatness was manifested in its territorial extent which stretched to the present day South Arabia and the Sudan, in its long tradition of coinage and above all in its funerary monuments and stelae and the small archaeological museum are also living witness of the ancient Axumite history, St. Mary's Church were the Arc of moses is kept & also visit the ruined palace of the Queen of sheba.
8- Day 08
- City tour of lalibela We take a short flight to Lalibela and visit the first cluster of rock-hewn churches in the afternoon. These churches are Ethiopia's top attraction. The churches are mostly cut from solid rock, and therefore have the appearance of being underground. The most famous church is Bete Giorgis carved in the form of a Greek cross. It is exceptionally well preserved and visually almost flawless. In each one there is a resident priest, who is usually happy to put on richly embroidered vestments and pose for a photo with his crosses, ancient bibles and sunglasses (due to constant camera flashes!).
9- Day 09
In the morning we enjoy an adventurous mule journey to visit Ashetan Maryam (St Mary), built on a ridge with excellent views over the surrounding countryside. The trip takes approximately 5 hours (round trip) and will start early to avoid the heat. We will ride the mules up the mountain for approximately an hour, then hike the rest of the way up the mountain to the church. In the afternoon we visit another cluster of churches.
10- Day 10
This morning we fly back to Addis Abeba