2-3 Days In Simien

1-Day one
We will meet you in the morning at Gonder Airport or your hotel in Gonder. Drive from Gonder to Sankabercamp and walk a few hours before you arrive the campsite. And Spend over night at Sankaber camp site. You could visit some viewpoints and endemic wild animals/gelada baboons/.
2- Day Two
Walk from Sankaber to Geech. Five to Six hours walk. You could see many fascinating things including the big waterfall, river, birds, different plants, and species. And spend the second night at Geech campsite/3600masl/.
3- Day three
Walk from Geech to Aynamada via Imet gogo/3926masl/ which is one of the most spectacular views in the park. It takes five to six hours of walking. As soon as you get to Ambaras the car will take you to Gonder for about four hours driving through Debark.