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Adventure tourism can be enjoyed in many parts of the world.
Why not try Ethiopia – the ‘cradle of humanity’? In 2015, it was named by the European Council on Tourism and Trade as the World's Best Tourism Destination for 2015. It was given the award over thirty one countries because of its extraordinary history, outstanding natural beauty, dramatic landscapes and ancient culture. Ethiopia has nine UNESCO World Heritage sites, which were heralded by the commission.

Instead of beach holidays and safaris, land-locked Ethiopia is promoting its imperial past and its extraordinary geography, fauna and flora: -
• the 13th century churches of Lalibela, carved from solid rock, on a par with Petra in Jordan, but not so well known
• the elegant hill castles of Gondar,
• islands on Lake Tana, home to ancient monasteries dating back hundreds of years,
• the majestic geological formations of the Simien mountains,
• the giant obelisks that rise out of Axum
• a number of National Parks where numerous species of animals, birds and plants, many unique to Ethiopia, can be seen. Wonderful and varied trekking tours offer the visitor amazing opportunities to explore these Parks.

Baregota Tour and Travel would love to share these wonders with visitors to Ethiopia, an ancient country which offers visitors extraordinary history and culture.
A tour in Ethiopia is an adventure like no other.

What makes this trip so special:

• The Ethiopian people themselves, their many different tribes, all with their unique characteristics.

• The diverse scenery to be seen in the course of a tour of this ancient land.
• The sense of ancient history that permeates the country, particularly in the number of ancient churches to be seen, Ethiopia being one of the earliest Christian nations in the world.
St George’s Rock Church , Lalibela. 800 years old.                 Yemrehanna Kristos Church, Lalibela, 11th Century, built in a cave.

Is this trip right for you?
• The cities are crowded, but our Tour Leader will steer you safely through them.
• Rural facilities can be basic, but each tour can be put together with the level of accommodation that is right for you.
• There can be some long drives. Main roads are good, but others are more testing.
• The Simien Mountains National Park is located at an altitude that ranges from 1900 to 3500 metres above sea level. Some people might struggle with the altitude.

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